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Advertising media that convert

Promo tools for your traffic
We offer you a large selection of innovative and conversion-optimized advertising media. The offered advertising media are constantly checked, optimized and updated by us. If you wish, we can also provide you with individual advertising material for your website. Get direct links to topic-related landing pages, meaningful text links, banners in various formats as well as promo content and dynamic ad tools that fit your advertising measures.


Dynamic and static advertising banners
Whether dynamic or static, FSK 12 or 16, you can choose from a variety of banners in different sizes and formats. And should something be missing, please contact us and we will help you immediately.

Dynamic video tools

Video advertising media with interaction possibilities
Integrate one of our interactive video ads, as iFrame or JavaScript solution, directly into the content of your website. Video Ads do not only ensure a longer stay of the users on your website, but also significantly higher conversion rates than conventional display ads.

Landing pages

Topic-specific target pages that are converting
We provide you with various, conversion-optimized landing pages. You want your own landing page? No problem, talk to us! With the help of different landing pages you can direct your traffic to topic-specific pages where your users can see exactly the content they expect.

Text links

Text content with matching links
Choose from a variety of text links suggested by us or create your own text link. Our expressive text links can be integrated as simple HTML code in the content of your website or as a layer via JavaScript, which you can design individually according to your wishes.


Link your own content with our products
If you would like to use your own advertising material or texts, you can use our reflinks, which you can adapt to your chosen content. The link transmits the settings for the respective campaign, the advertising material, the payment type and the target URL. With the help of the blank links you can promote not only the home pages of our products, but also selected landing pages.

Popunder script

Opens a new browser window in the background
 With the help of our popunder script, which you only have to integrate into the head area of your page, you can open a landing page of your choice for your visitors as a popunder and thus achieve even more conversions. Only if a visitor of your page generates a click, the popunder will be opened.

Content archieves

Get our compressed videos and pictures
To make your portal stand out even more, we offer you additional content in the form of pictures and videos. Download our content archives now as .zip files and use the content directly on your website or share it with others on social networks.